"Zétéclip:" Pedagogic video clip about Zetetic

Note: For now, more details are provided on the French version of this page.

Finalist Hypothesis: The "Pangloss" Effect

The video on this page is a 12 minute's video clip (in French) that I have made with three other PhD students from Grenoble: Axelle Davidas, Cyrille Martin and Marion Sevajol. It illustrates a frequently used reasoning bias, by means of some examples involving such errors.

Note this video has been entirely powered using Synfig, that is a free software for creating animations based on vector graphics. It includes various integrated media found on the Internet and reused with permission; credits are included at the end of the video. Also, it is published under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

An article is available here (also in French), where we explain several aspects of this work. The clip is also available here in lower quality (and in a non-free format, alas), along with similar other clips made by PhD students. A short version can also be watched on the same site.

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Lower quality (and in non-free format) video :